Tips To Find Missing Keys

Everyone has misplaced their keys from time to time and a little search normally reveals where they are. But keys that have gone missing and cannot be found quickly are different kettle of fish and may require some additional search and locate tips.

1. All The Usual Places

Look in all the places where you would usually place your keys. For example, your purse, pockets or a counter top. Remember to check second purses or clothing items that you removed such as a coat or sweater. Most often, your keys are exactly where you think you left them but another item has been placed over them or they have been knocked off a counter.

2. Retrace Your Steps

You can do this in your mind. Simply close you eyes and go back to where you used the keys last or last remember holding them in your hand. Then think about what you did next. If you went to the refrigerator for a snack, your keys may be on one of the shelves or even in a box or container located in the refrigerator. Keep retracing your steps until you locate your keys.

3. Extend Your Search

Look under cupboards, sofas and other furniture items and also in the trash. Look on top of surfaces where you wouldn't usually place your keys. Extend your search to bathrooms and kitchen areas. You may also want to search outdoors especially near entrances or where you parked your car. Your garage may be a good place to look too. It is a good idea to search in every room looking below and above your regular line of sight.

4. The Car

Your vehicle is full of little nooks and crannies that are the ideal hiding places for your keys. Grab a flashlight and look under and between seats and in all those other areas that could have swallowed your keys.

5. Ask For Help

Ask if anyone has seen your keys or moved them for any reason. If not, ask if someone will help you search. A second set of eyes can sometimes reveal what is right in front of you but you just cannot seem to see. If you have small children or even pets, keep in mind that they could have carried your keys away and placed them in a favorite hiding place.

6. Use A Key Finder

Key finders are ideal for keeping track of your keys at all times and locating them when they are not where they are supposed to be, especially if you seem to misplace or lose your keys on a regular basis. There are a variety of different types of key finders available on the market.

Those that respond to sound such as a whistle or phrase are great at locating keys within a certain distance. Tracking chips are best for locating keys wherever you may have left them.

Investing in a key finder will ensure that you never again have to employ any other tips to find your keys.